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Chance Murray
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

As an artist I’ve come to function as a radio receiver for some kind of psychosis of the South. I was born and raised here, I am a hick from the sticks. I treat my work as such, it’s not a process, it’s just work. Everything is built and wired, rough, rusted, beaten and bruised. The work comes from living on a farm, gaining skills in wood working, welding, fixing things, tearing things apart, letting things live, and letting things die while quietly going about business. It’s work of the underside of Southern life, the real deep down kinda stuff that made for good country songs, with a healthy dose of pure Southern weirdness on top. Currently these themes are presented in two bodies of work. One being large scale mixed media paintings that function as tableaux and still shots of life; and the other being small constructions made from left over parts and pieces of the larger works which I’ve been calling “Cold Gravy” pieces.

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