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Catherine Nelson

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Mother is place, is grandmother, is dirt and methane, is clean linen, is angry with me. Mother may I laugh at the oil? She says "I can smell you, take a shower." But the work, that's why you're here.

It's a game I play to skip the head & speak directly to the vital organs, sometimes the hip flexors. It is both careful and lawless, born from a deep sense of home that really never belonged to me. That home that mother. Accessed through childhood or body but has lived much longer than that. It is a listening made into line. A question answered with another. It is a game that requires that all of the molecules of us and this vibrate together for a moment. It is an invitation to connect. To rest your watch. To watch your rest with curiosity. To respond with your memories, with your questions and touch. It is not fine or precious. It is multiple and sometimes true. It seeks a playmate, an animal response, from you.

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