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Carson Barnes

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

In the past couple of centuries, sculptors have harkened back to the classic, attempting to achieve the eternal, the timeless, and so provided me with models from various times and of various ideals of beauty. I seek the deep feeling through time, touching on moments, gazes, gestures of the past century, and of one, two, or twenty centuries ago, which themselves touched on the millennia before them. It’s like a travelogue but it happens in time instead of space.

My project is to discover, when a particular model was used, who she was, what she felt, and how those feelings strike us today. In exploring cemeteries, antebellum plantations and some few museums’ holdings here in the south, I’ve found a modest number that are a specific person (many classical and neoclassical works attempted to be idealized, i.e, no particular person).

They’re all from their times, it falls to me to find and see who they were and show them to you. Then the stories start.

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