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Carson Barnes

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

I once photographed live models for my complex photosilkscreen prints. Now, I photograph and 'bring alive' female portrait statues. All start as (several) photographs, I digitally work layers and iterations as in printmaking to become paintings on paper, or photographs, or prints.

In centuries past, childbirth was often fatal, disease rampant, war, literally, on the horizon; women maintained society, expecting to leave no legacy. Some stories are sweet, many heartbreaking; most brave, courageous, valiant. Immortalized in stone but forgotten, it’s my work to discover and show you who they were. They were very like us, the same joys and sorrows, but in a different time with different crises and opportunities.

I am their medium, they seem to be my calling. Their stories matter. Now we can honor these women who laughed, raged, were inspired, loved. I invite you to celebrate, remember, and honor them.

I hope you can't forget them.

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