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Carson Barnes

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

After 40+ years’ photographing and printmaking, I’m photographing and digitally “bringing to life” portrait statues of women from the past, having started with a pair of portraits in 2014 in Savannah, GA.

Childbirth was often fatal, diseases rampant, and war often, literally, on the horizon; women maintained society and civilization, without expectation of leaving a legacy. Their stories are legion, many heartbreaking, some very sweet; most were brave, courageous, and valiant. Though immortalized in stone they were forgotten. It’s my work to find out who the women, and the sculptors, were; they’re in cemeteries, monuments, and museums, on three continents so far. I hope they haunt you, move you, inspire you.

I find I am their medium and they are my calling. Their stories matter. This is the time to honor these women who laughed, raged, were inspired, and loved.

To depict them is to celebrate them. To remember them is to honor them. My hope is that you can't forget them.

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