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Carson Barnes

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Photos of women of the past celebrate them. No differently from us, they felt joy, grief, fury, terror, love. Much research reveals who they were, what this moment was, what it meant to them. Most are in cemeteries. They are my stone muses; I'd photographed live models; now I photograph marble or granite statues. They don't adopt new positions when asked, so I must find the vantage that best reveals who they were.

I used to use B&W film, sheet photo litho film, and photosensitive silkscreens; now, with ruined wrists, it's digital SLR, Photoshop, Epson 9600 print engine, and the same BFK Rives paper I used when hand pulling prints. I’m also using everything I ever learned about layers in printmaking; composition, light, texture, and the figure I can glean from the last 500 years of art history.

A piece is finished when my breath catches; she's come alive. Some were famous, many anonymous. I hope you can’t stop looking at them. They deserve remembrance, and celebration.

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