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Carson Barnes

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Among the many idealized sculptures in cemeteries and museums are these actual women whose emotions and lives resonate in this time, though they are emphatically not of it. In the room with you, you may see their faces, what has passed, who they were, who you are. Just as we do now, they felt joy, grief, fury, terror, and love.

Each piece takes weeks to a couple of months, and all are printed to last for centuries. I know when a piece is finished: my breath catches, I gasp; sometimes I nearly weep.

After 35 years of printmaking in silkscreens, my wrists were ruined; with time and fortune my trained and learned skills with ink and darkrooms work fine with digital media. Editions are limited to 50, after which I destroy the file. All materials meet archival standards.

I hope you can’t stop looking at them, these final images of lives lived; these women haunt me.

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