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Carrie Alter
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My paintings react to the absurd and existential aspects of the human condition and seek out details in the patterns and cycles of empirical and theoretical life experiences. I observe the unshakable loneliness of human existence and examine human instinct by focusing on the unique relationships my subjects share with the animal within. It is my belief that we choose to fight, ignore, give in to or become one with our animal within. My subjects are often isolated in composition and aggressively rendered to confront the viewer with an interpretation unique to the beholder’s own secluded life experience. I question how we relate to and form systems of belief, which ultimately fabricate our illusions of self. I believe it is the eternal cages we are born within that set the boundaries of our condition and create the illusion of freedom. The images are ominous reminders of our own vulnerability.

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