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Caroline Staley
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Caroline Staley is an artist based in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. She studied Studio Art at The College Of Charleston and went on to pursue her dreams of travel and marital bliss. After 16 years, a very supportive husband and three children, she felt the need to "find her passion." It led her back to her art. She started with a few pieces for her own house or a friend. With much unexpected encouragement from friends and others she has turned her passion into a career. She is guided by her love for the sea and all things salty! While not completely confined to coastal decor, she has the ability to branch out into other themes when the inspiration strikes!
For many years, her husband claimed that she spent her days "gallavanting" around town, when really she was in the throws of motherhood. She called herself "Gallavantor" as a way to do her art and avoid criticism. It soon became known that Caroline and the "Gallavantor" were the same person and she had just been hiding her talent all along.

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