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Carol Burch-Brown

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Salt Marsh Suite is an inter-media installation/performance celebrating southeastern estuaries, directed by Carol Burch-Brown, choreographed by Ann Kilkelly. It is based in data-collection and observation in a North Carolina marsh, combining art, history, science, and technology in an immersive environment, engaging viewers in the marsh’s magic, while conveying its fragility.Burch-Brown collects imagery and sound in tidal-streams and mudflats from a kayak or wading, while capturing data from tidal currents. These elements are creatively re-investigated, becoming elements of installation and performance. Burch-Brown’s exhibitions include Taubman Museum, Drawing Center, Dorsky, Urdang Galleries. Projects include Singing Darwin; Trailers (University of Virginia Press); Shamrock Bar (Smithsonian Museum American History). She received an NEA Artist’s Grant. Ann Kilkelly is tap dancer/scholar; performances include Kennedy Center, Duke, Joyce Theatre; Smithsonian Senior Fellow; NEH grant.

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