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Carly Drew
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Raised in the red clay of South Carolina's mountainous "dark corner" and my Grandparent’s farm in western Pennsylvania, I spent my childhood constantly traveling through the heart of Appalachia. This instilled a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the region and a fascination with the heavy industries of mining, farming and natural gas that dwell there. I am still inspired by these surroundings and my work examines our ever changing relationships to place through the layers of personal history, industrial changes to the terrain and the rich American landscape painting tradition. Drawing is my media of choice because it parallels these layers and holds evidence of decisions made during the working proces. In using this direct connection of media and concept I work to layer past, present and unseen aspects of a location. By weaving each of these threads into a single image the end result becomes a small compression of the history, ideas and our personal connections to the land.

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