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Carly Drew
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

My drawings are all based on personal narrative around my life in the Southern Appalachians. I pull source imagery from the area I live and road trips down many a long, winding backroad off the beaten path. Each series actively explores a changing sense of place and passage of time through layers of history, industrial changes to the terrain and our complex relationship with nature. I also reference the sublime beauty of the American landscape tradition to fight against the pervasive use of the region as a poverty stricken and drug riddled hell hole, so that people can genuinely see not just the problems, but also the beautiful strength and resilience in a region that’s long been misunderstood. My hope is that through my work others will be inspired to explore and contribute to a wider, less blinded conversation regarding the culture, land, politics and history that make up and sterotype rural Appalachia.

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