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Carlos Estevez

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My work is, in essence, the representation of a vision that nurtures itself from lively and reflexive processes, assimilating the world in order to reintegrate it once more into itself by means of images that symbolize my marks in the universe.
I conceive my work in the form of fragments. A kind of essays that come to me intermingled with the dynamic of the human thinking. Each one of the pieces pretends to be a conclusion: either a query or an answer that depletes itself, attentive to the ideas’ exigencies, developed from the communion between the symbolic-suggestive connotations of the image and the material that contains it.
My fundamental resources have been the universal history from where I have acquired symbols and images to represent my ideas; and the life as a cognoscente experience in which I pretend to re-elaborate, in a personal manner, the treatise of the human existence.

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