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Carlie Trosclair

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Approached through a lens of reordering and discovery, my work explores the liminal space between development and deconstruction; contemplating the living and transitional components of home. Growing up in New Orleans as the daughter of an electrician, I spent my formative years in historic residential properties at varying stages of construction and deconstruction. I found that even when abandoned, the presence of the body still lingers. Architectural components carry with them the layered histories of previous residents. These become the shells we leave behind; Relics of habitation and home-making.

Using latex as an architectural skin I create paper thin casts of domestic interiors and facades: reshaping the narrative of home as a sturdy secure space into one that is vulnerable and ephemeral. These ghostlike imprints mark an in-between space that is transient and ever changing: both structurally and in our memory.

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