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Caomin Xie

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Mandala represents meditation meeting with mathematics. My interpretation of the Buddhist’s idea is evident throughout my recent paintings of “The Ruins’ Mandala”. Mandala first appeared in Tantric Buddhism as a form of sand painting. It embodies the Buddhist concepts of creation, maintenance, destruction and emptiness. In my painting, Mandala is a theme, a method and also, a noumenon. The modern ruins in Mandala is the maze of spectacle in today’s society.
When we are confronting the stupendous creative and destructive powers of today’s technology, for me, Mandala is the greatest visual metaphor of our existence.

XIE CAOMIN (b. 1974) is a Shanghai & Atlanta-based artist, originally from China, and has been working in the US since 1999. His paintings have been collected by High Museum of Atlanta, Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah Telfair Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia and HOW Art Museum in Shanghai China.

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