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Candice Ivy
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

These three projects thread a connection to race, class and politics within the larger fabric of Southern history. Their collaborative processes create a new narrative around each history, granting shape and form to the work.

Deluge traces the web-like patterns from cracked surfaces of car windshields involved in collisions, suggesting a visual re-mapping of tragedy in a large, waterfall-like cascade. Crossings was a community wide art performance on the sesquicentennial of the historic burning of Columbia, SC, held in front of the state capitol. Personal and political, it brought together diverse perspectives and narratives while encouraging collective dialogue and collaboration. Within Above Below the Skin, responded to the historic estate of American sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, renowned for his political and creative influence in the Civil War. Each of these projects blend the personal with the historical and political while alluding to the grey areas of power and contradic

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