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Caleb O’Connor

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Having a love for monumental art, Caleb returned from a Fulbright Grant to Italy in 2003 with a determination to make public works in the U.S. In 2008, he was offered the opportunity to create sixteen 14 x 9 foot historical murals for a federal building in Tuscaloosa. He plunged into the local history, picking monumental moments in time important to the local people and the nation’s history. Continuing his vision for art in public spaces in 2015, he sculpted world-class athlete and baseball legend Willie Mays for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Currently in his studio is a life-size sculpture of World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Deontay Wilder, a Tuscaloosa native who continues to train locally. Caleb lives in the South with his family, and has become an active part of the community. His goal is to continue creating powerful works of art in public spaces.

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