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Caitlin Albritton

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

The gym is a place where everyday antics—like sexuality, competitiveness, ego, and other primal behaviors—are amplified in a stage-like environment where there is a hyperawareness of our bodies in a public space. Exploring the politics of looking through both male and female gazes, we sneak glimpses of others through makeshift windows in gym equipment or other visual screens.
Instead of idealizing the body, I’m interested in exemplifying the strangeness of the body, and the peculiarity of certain gym exercises and the awkward, compromising, sometimes sexual positions they put people in.
Most people have entered a gym at least once in their lives, or have goals to become healthi to live longer, happier lives. Telling gym stories through serious yet comical and empathetic visual narratives, I hope to bring up conversation about gender issues, body politics and trends, competition, and the propaganda of progress in other spheres of our lives.

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