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Caitlin Albritton

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Looking at gym culture or physical activities, much of it mirrors the everyday. From this lens, my work analyzes women’s ambiguous affiliation to power, autonomy, and sexuality regarding their physical and mental vessels. By using a technique called inlay—which is a combination of lapidary and silversmithing that’s akin to collaging with semi-precious stones in sterling silver—I wanted to play with the idea of having a “rock-hard” gym body by making one out of rocks. This idea sparked deeper thoughts about what it mean to have a solid, hardened body—both spiritually and physically—to women facing contemporary issues today.
Using silversmithing mediums, I aim to remove the stigma surrounding craft and jewelry so they can be considered alongside contemporary, conceptually-driven art. Also considering how COVID closed galleries and museums for months, wearable art has the potential to radicalize how paintings are shown outside of traditional white-walled spaces.

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