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Brian Rutenberg
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Born in resplendent coastal South Carolina, it is my muse. Robust with visual poetry, a landscape complicated in its layers, it requires delicate modulations of color to evoke a hallucinatory, melancholic light. Often featuring a liquid open central area buttressed by denser more muscular passages on the sides, light in a painting gleams from the top with the bottom providing ballast. I push color as far as possible, sometimes to an intensity that borders on wildness. The conventions of foreground and background serve dual roles, one suggesting traditional pictorial space, the other acting as a metaphor for the material fact of reality while background represents the immense possibility of imagination. The consciousness of the viewer serves as middle ground, negotiator between fact and fantasy. Only then can the painting serve as a mediator between exterior and interior, between the walls of a room and the flesh of the viewer.

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