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Brian Curtis

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Looking back on the multitude of motivations that resulted in my Stonehenge Series I can’t help but celebrate how these paintings increased my daily perceptiveness and stimulated an intellectual fascination with fractal complexity. The more skillful I became at depicting the randomness in cloud contours the more I became experientially aware of an underlying sense of order (beauty) in their endlessly irregular shapes. My intuitive experience was later mathematically validated by an equation from Chaos Theory that generates an infinite set of random data that, when plotted on a graphic interface, produces an infinite succession of patterns in precise Golden Mean proportion. Remarkably, the proportion underlying random cloud formation is identical to that used to design Stonehenge thereby giving new meaning to the ancient hermetic pronouncement ‘As above, so below’ by once again revealing that both the rational and intuitive human worlds are one with the larger universe.

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