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Bradly Dever Treadaway

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Submitted is a 9-year body of short form experimental video work that began as an outgrowth of my family’s experience with Hurricane Katrina and has evolved into a larger investigation related to themes of family history, cultural lineage, intergenerational communication, domestic ritual and the employment of archival materials as form, subject matter and concept.

Though created individually, the videos are meant to viewed together and read as chapters of a book. Pulled from oral histories, transferred memories and fading photographic evidence, the non-linear works deconstruct filmic form and simple domestic gestures into metaphors for for familial loss, distance and detachment. The works are imbued with a naturalistic warmth and the symbols and sounds of the south and particularly New Orleans. Imbued within the work is a sense of nostalgia laced with a tepid look ahead.

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