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Blazo Kovacevic

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

In my work I explore the implications of X-ray security screening, a process that generates images filled with transparent and beautiful color “drawings” of objects and people. This practice points to the notion of personal freedom and how it is abused today worldwide in the name of “war on terror.”Project inCONTEXT explores the idea of “what-if?” For example, a concealed blade is found hidden inside a stylish object such as a Coach or Louis Vuitton handbag. Would this scenario be acceptable in some instance or a normal everyday occurrence in some societies? In what context this would be completely appropriate?
At first glance, these objects do not belong together. But given the right circumstances, could they be perceived as both rational tools and chic accessories? After all, they are all beautifully designed and crafted from the best materials – leather or rosewood. If possible, would we wish to express our fashion sense while indulging in our most base desire for (in)security?

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