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Beverly McIver
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My work is about giving voice to those in society who are voiceless. Currently my father is my muse. He is a ninety year old retired taxi driver and has lived his entire life in the American South without a high school diploma. As a teenager I found out that he was my father, but we did not have a relationship. Ten years ago my dad attended my mother’s funeral. It was then that I decided to form a relationship with him. His face is full of wisdom and lines that tell a story. Sometimes I look at his face and see the little boy who picked cotton in the fields of South Carolina. His relationship to white people is different than mine. He is shy, quiet, and he drops his head to not make eye contact. He is skeptical that the world has not changed and would prefer to stay with his kind. While I understand this notion, I am interested in breaking down barriers and giving voice to those who are in the margin.

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