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Betsy Eby

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

The rhythms Eby finds in nature are echoed in her own seasonal migration with her husband, Bo Bartlett, between Wheaton Island, Maine and Columbus, Georgia. In Georgia, they are deeply connected with their community through their work with the Bo Bartlett Center at Columbus State University. Away from mountains and ocean, Eby explores the richness of the light, and settles into the gentle and languid way of Southern life. Yet, she remains keenly aware of the edges defined by the friction and cultural tension of competing beliefs related to race, religion, class, and education.

Eby’s practice is guided by the idea that the health of our environment is a mirror to the health of our collective conscience. At a time when it is easy to assume the worst in the world, Eby reminds us that harmony can be sought and achieved.

-Maggie Downing

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