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Betsy Cain

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Internal landscapes and internal states of being give rise to the imagery of my paintings.

I say “rise” because the imagery is found with a cast of marks that suggest a path to follow.

My paintings reference what I know of my own body and what I witness as a dedicated observer of the landscape around me, particularly coastal Georgia and the dynamic and threatened ecosystem of the salt marsh.

Tangled lines and energetic massing evoke not only the density of barrier island maritime forests, but also the power and turbidity of rivers and tidal estuaries. There is such life and energy there!

Simultaneously, my drawings, which are painted on paper, are a deep and continuing investigation into the internal life of the psyche. These works too, reference the coastal environment by the drag and pull of gravity, the saturated humidity and the psychology of our shared states of being.

Betsy Cain
May 23, 2018

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