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Betsy Bannan

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

These paintings are based on seeing the earth from above-from a plane or satellite. I’m interested in the visual sensations resulting from the interplay between man-made elements and the natural land surface, and how people carve out a living in the geography in which they exist. The experience of flying and the views from satellites gives a clear view of the changes humans have imposed on the planet-an impact that to me is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. And yet there are terrains that defy transformation and it is the meeting point of the man-made and the untamable that is the most fascinating to me-where cultivated land hits desert, where cities meet rivers, and where highways meet mountains. The irregular shapes of the overall paintings reflect that. The paintings are made of separate wood panels that are either physically cut in to one foot or six inch squares, or divided pictorially in to those dimensions.

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