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Bethany Taylor

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My personal history and influences compel me to be most concerned with violence, war, environmental disaster and inequality. Reflected in both the content and the process of making my work, is the inherent impossibility of articulating experience, a collapse of certainty and an illusion of familiarity. Objects, images and language in my work are often experienced as ephemeral or transitory; and what is repressed in one instant may become evident in the next. There is a play between poetic and intentionally literal gestures, often involving the active transformation or destruction of an object or image in order create something new, and more compelling, from the debris. Images, narratives, materials and meaning are always in a state of flux, mirroring my desire for the dynamic 'act' rather than a static object, reflective of the everyday, and responsive to the ever-changing social, political and environmental landscape.

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