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Bethany Taylor

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Influenced by sixteenth to eighteenth century European Verdure Tapestries, or literally “green” tapestries, which depicted the forests, lakes, flora and fauna of a region, the installations Unraveling Ecologies (melt, spill and burn), River Unraveled and Runoff Verdure, engage with the idea of landscape, not simply as idyllic or sublime, but rather always in flux, (for better or for worse). Jacquard woven landscape tapestries become unraveled into horizon-less, ephemeral networks of drawings made out of tapestry yarn, revealing complex and intermingling narratives situated in the drought-ridden Rio Grande River, New Mexico, the rapidly melting artic, the deforested burning Amazon rainforest, and the polluted waters of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. The fragile, tentative, easily destroyed fiber-based drawings implicate humans in narratives of consumption, destruction and loss; where life is forced to adapt to a changing climate and landscape or else become extinct.

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