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Bethany Springer

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My current work lies somewhere between romanticism and realism, an inquiry into place and identity as influenced by history, heritage, globalization, and the information age. We are living manifestations of our cultural heritage and genetics, but at times it’s difficult to trace what remains and if it matters anymore. In a society that is increasingly connected and steeped in data, is it possible to be lost?

How place is established, reinforced, and lost is referenced in my work through the juxtaposition of seemingly disparate historical and contemporary images, metaphors that find commonality through a quick online search. Often, I use search engines as a tool to interpret and inhabit the world beyond my own heritage and environment, pairing a simple word or phrase with a complex network connecting semiotics, historical origin, consumer products, and contemporary fads. Ultimately, I see my work as experiments monitoring awareness in a constantly accelerating world.

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