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Ben Bridgers
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My paintings are deeply embedded in historical and classical methods, materials, and processes while exploring a curiosity with the magic, mystery, and perversity of nature. I continually returns to themes surrounding transitory events such as home, landscape, migration, love, loss, absence, and how these themes relate to the natural compulsion to continue. More importantly, this work is about the process of making: building, stretching, surface preparation, and what I consider to be honest - blood and guts painting.

This most recent work centers around the concept of symbiotic disharmony, and the idea of a dependent relationship between the objective and subjective (representation and non-representation). The basis of this work is narrative and directly relates to the process of age and loss. In the studio, where my head spins and my heart beats, I root around in memories and images from my own experience.

Ben Bridgers, 2016

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