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Becky Joye
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I find inspiration in observing the overlooked man-made landscape: grand communication towers, worn empty signs, and concrete silos from the car window. With these ordinary utilitarian structures I conceive a narrative, character, or emotion to portray and evoke a response within the viewer.

Recently my work has been exploring the imaginative curiosity of childhood and the universal desire for escape and amusement as an adult. Structures of work are combined with geometric elements in playful colors and patterns, becoming lighthearted toys of play and removing the realities of hardship and danger. Cyclones and ductwork found in factory yards assume human and animal characteristics and become whimsical imagined creatures in machine-sewn collages of colorful fabric and paper. I invite the viewer to pause and inhabit the magical moments of beauty and wonder found in the spaces of our imaginations.

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