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Beauvais Lyons

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

For more than three decades I have explored various forms of academic parody. Through the institutional voice of the Hokes (sounds like “hoax”) Archives, I have created mock-documentary archaeology, folk art, medicine, natural history and am currently inventing an early 20th century circus through its graphics and artifacts. These project-based bodies of work often take 8-10 years to complete and involve the integration of various media and art forms. I am interested in making art that is parafiction; works that appear to be plausible science or history, occupying a liminal territory that is not immediately regarded as art. Today this approach has special relevance in an era when the concept of truth is open to dispute. For this application, I am submitting my most completed recent project, The Association for Creative Zoology, an imaginary religious-science organization active during the Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925.

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