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Barbara Schreiber
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My paintings and drawings combine pretty pictures and ugly subjects. I sometimes see them as dispatches from the borderland between happy denial and grim reality.

Much of my recent work is about the collision of the built and natural worlds, about battles in which the outcome is uncertain. These works variously address threats presented by development, natural and human-made disaster, greed or obliviousness.

I am sometimes perplexed by the number and intensity of animals in much of my recent work. I don’t think of myself as an animal person, but have concluded that on some level I must identify with animals, particularly small wild ones-adorable, understood by few and ultimately alone in a complex, fast-moving world.

Although this work addresses social, political and environmental issues, I strive to keep it from becoming didactic. I enjoy feedback from viewers and am often inspired by their novel or unexpected observations.

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