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Barbara Duval
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Many of the images in my work are loosely based on war images taken from documentary photographs or images in current newspapers and magazines. I don't portray specific encounters or situations. Of greater importance to me is the idea of the individual versus the group in the human drama. For me, a successful image can be interpreted in many ways, on many levels and in a universal context. War reflects the triumphs and achievements of society and, at the same time, is an unsavory reflection of human nature and its capacity for death and destruction. This dichotomy is worthy of serious visual investigation and personal introspection. These works are reminiscent of feelings or situations that we all have experienced, whether it is a moment of triumph, fear, loneliness, desperation, betrayal, etc. Specific narrative is avoided in order to articulate a deep emotional sensation in our individual and collective memory.

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