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Barbara Campbell Thomas
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Since 2000, my work has centered on a belief that the medium of painting exists as a space of thinking and of contemplation, where a conception of reality outside of conventional notions of time and space can exist.
Currently, I am in the midst of a series of paintings called World without end-the title being an old liturgical phrase sung in Christian worship and an apt description of the barrage of imagery and information characteristic of 21st century life. My paintings engage the daily challenge of locating myself amidst that barrage by capitalizing on fragmentation, the unexpected results arising from a commingling of different materials (paint with collaged fabric), and an interest in finding idiosyncratic order amidst disorder. Their surfaces amass colorful bits of whatever passes in front of my eyes or through my head day-to-day, giving two-dimensional, STILLED form to the nearly imperceptible cadence of this received data.

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