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Axelle Kieffer

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Although I was born in France, I moved to Savannah, Georgia, in 2009. Living in the South has changed my work: the color pallet of my paintings shifted drastically to lighter tones and earthier colors. I also found myself working much more on self-portraits. While they are not photographic representations, these self-portraits ARE expressions of my inner-self and experiences. Through these, I seek to catch the subtle alteration of my identity since living abroad. Most of my supplies come from flea markets. If a photo or object establishes a connection with me, I take it. My process becomes an appropriation of these photos/objects by covering, hiding, assembling, and dissembling. The collage process allows me to make these photos mine and thus reveal a new meaning in the manner of a palimpsest. Using different Medias opens a new perspective for my identity by simultaneously confronting collective memories and my individual consciousness.

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