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Axelle Kieffer

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Born in France, I moved to Savannah, Georgia, in 2009. Living in the South of the United States has deeply changed my working process. I found myself having easier access to different material.
If a photo establishes a connection with me, I take it. This is how I started to make collages and assemblages. My process becomes an appropriation of these photos by cutting, covering, hiding, assembling, and dissembling. I needed to incorporate these foreign materials to my own history.
Collaging is an experiment by putting together multiple separate pieces to create a new whole.
The layering collage process reveals a new meaning in the manner of a palimpsest. I seek to catch the subtle alteration of my identity since living abroad.
Living in another country made me change of media and opened a new perspective for my identity by simultaneously confronting collective memories and memorabilia with my individual consciousness.

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