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Audra Kohout

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

The work I produce has always involved making associations between conflicting phenomena: preservation and decay, birth and death; realism and the surreal. It is through the continued study of anatomy and psychology in which I embrace these relationships and examine the varied changes of self. This is by a process of dismantleling, re-assembling and constantly inverting the human form.
My work explores the duality of the self while using a provocative imagery of characters portrayed in an intricately theatrical manner. My box assemblages deal with the complexities
of identity through the innocence of personal childhood experiences. Each piece contains a childhood curiosity, nievety and playfullness within a subtle context of eroticism. It is through this intimate reflection that I hope to uncover and reveal the presence of effects that form our personality. That which makes us who we are and whom we are to become.

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