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Ashley Benton

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

From the beginning I have always been interested in creating new experiences from past memories. The subtle impressions from a life lived create a new dialogue of the human experience. My work is figurative and animalistic which is the way I tell the story. The work that is more non objective is my way of using symbols as well as material to achieve my intention for the pieces. I use all materials, paint, clay, plaster, wax, resin, paper, sewing, tatting and embroidery. My work intends to activate the viewer by giving part of the narrative and through a shared experience they fill in the blanks. Since 2010, in addition to my painting practice, I have been working figuratively in ceramics, which I think is unique about my work. I attempt to make contemporary work from a material that has been considered craft. My current body work is focused on “Southerness.”

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