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April Fitzpatrick

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

“The Pineapple Metaphor: Expanding the Narrative” encompasses my sensibilities of perceiving and digesting my life and the life around me. Integrating the pineapple’s own growth and journey as a guiding metaphor, I welcome a critical view of one’s Lebenswelt (life-world) impacted by direct and indirect societal ills of trauma, poverty, and racism. By deepening the meaning of symbolism, I take a closer look at the history of the pineapple and its parallel to Black aesthetics. I challenge old perspectives by creating positive memories to redefine narratives bound by trauma. I expect my audience to capture a snapshot of their own individual trauma and marry it with healing. Through my vision of using the pineapple, I imagine getting to the “core” of trauma. My artwork is the bridge that leads to that first step. You are what you EAT!

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