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Antuco Chicaiza

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Created primarily in the pass several years, this body of work is a mixture of painting, collage ,drawing and digital. All of the pieces are based on events, experiences, or issues that the artist feels strongly about. The subject of the paintings include his relationships with family and friends, memories of the past, the struggle for social justice, and the workings of the political system.

The source of the imagery is a sketch book that the artist has with him 24/7. Figures, phrases, graffiti, and graphic designs are recorded as he encounters them. Recently photographs have been added to these elements and to the painted images that have always been part of the work. Both the sketch book and the paintings share the quality of a diary of the artist’s thoughts and feelings.

One of the biggest influences that have shaped the work is the artist’s journey of growing up in two different cultures and countries, and at different economic levels.

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