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AnnieLaurie Erickson

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

My artistic practice involves generating unique modes of representation that isolate aspects of visual perception. Through self-directed and collaborative endeavors in optics and material studies, I explore ways in which artistic creation can reveal things that often go unseen. Each of my projects maintains a specific research interest and visual outcome, but all of the work sets out to create objects that probe current social and environmental issues in the Gulf South.

The series Slow Light addresses the phenomenon of afterimages. Using handmade artificial retinas that register the remains of light, I am able to simulate this corporeal experience. When I moved to Louisiana I was struck by the appearance of oil refineries at night, which looked like strange forbidden cities. I began to systematically document the refineries of Cancer Alley, using my afterimaging cameras to render them as ghostly fortresses marked by unearthly color shifts and mysterious constellations of light.

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