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Anne Wedler

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I am observational figure painter with an interest in narrative and visual metaphor. I find figure painting to be a natural fit for story telling and exploring human interaction and the characters that people our social landscape. I love the chaos and adventure of human interaction augmented by the process of growing and trying to make it through life. My drawings and paintings are a result of a composite of sources, though most the elements are from observation they function in a way that is much richer than any one observed source. The stories are from life re-examined and distilled into theatrical versions of social situations. I place the people in my work at odds with each other or their environments and it comes out a mixture of complicated feelings. I like balancing the fun of chaos with the dual joy and torture of intimacy; solitude as a sanctuary and penance. I try to express this by combining the dangerous with the whimsical.

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