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Anne T. Nielsen

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Anne T. Nielsen
Artist Statement
Ribbons of Energy

The concept formed after reading about particle accelerator. It was interesting to regard how the machine accelerates atoms to such a high rate of speed.

I began to wonder, What it would look like if we could see the motion in the things around us? Thus began the idea of fluid lahars of energy, made like progressive ribbons of energy.

This is modern scientific ideas abstracted to artistic chimera. There is a divergence from modern style and ideas, using venerated careful old-master methods, glazing, layering, and shadowing, yet breaking some tenets, like striking places for your eyes to rest. Depicted energy has lost and found edges, with intended subtlety. The pace of the work has a visually frenetic quality , with a latent allegorical essence stirring visceral drama.

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