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Anne Chesnut

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My prints combine layers of imagery and ideas. To construct them, I digitally interweave my traditional prints, drawings, & photographs with renderings of symbols and graphic elements. The result sometimes is a single print; more often it is a hand-sewn assemblage. In the stitched prints, pieces are attached just as different images have been entwined to make something new from their patterns, colors, and textures. While changing locations had provided inspiration, now the catalyst for my prints are simple objects found at home. The familiar, from shells to flowers and numbers to letters, are integrated with other references to create compositions that initially engage through immediate associations while alluding to more complex concepts of place or policy through whimsy or commentary. In these aggregate prints, shared experiences prompts viewers to find their own narrative, whether true or fictitious, while intermingling the arcane or exotic encourages consideration and exploration.

Jane Haslem Gallery: Yeux du Monde Gallery:

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