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Ann Stoddard
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My paintings and the action and process of painting are inspired by the beauty, change, and tension within nature and natural phenomena; influenced by the light and dark and its act of speaking visually that create the sublime surreal space and the change to the creative process through spontaneity, serendipity and sagacity that characterizes the act of osmosis. These elements coalesce, removed from the tangible world but very much a part and product of my subconscious and the very sensible, familiar universal program of the language of the artist.

The "Water Maps" paintings are explorations using a rich palette of blue oil paints applied on manipulated linen canvases. These "Water Maps" were originally inspired by the idea of paper maps and their awkwardness. Humorous in thought and application, these painterly and whimsical shaped canvases saturated in blues evoke a sobering and peaceful presence as if we were surrounded by the very nature of water itself.

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