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Ann Stoddard
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018


My work explores many directions through drawing, painting, sculpture, Installations and collaborations.
My submission is my Porch Poesy journals.
Porch Poesy is a series of 7 x 5 inch journals, initiated in 2013,
that I draw in every morning. The daily drawings are an autonomous application of a ritual/rhythm: inspired by the early morning; the changes of the light and the sounds in my environment, i.e., sounds of cicadas, crickets, frogs, birds and other friendly sounds at dawn and how these subconsciously inspire me.
I work on my screened in porch when the weather permits; if not, then I work in a room adjacent to the porch.
These journals are my awakening meditations, my visual poetry that I share daily on social media. They are my way of sharing the idea of reflecting, meditating, reaching out and saying have a peaceful beautiful day with love.
instagram: @anstoddard

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