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Ann Stoddard
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

In a beehive there are many different kinds of worker bees. Scout bees—the outriders, the emissaries—are the trailblazer bees of the hive. Intently winging around to nose out fresh sources of pollen, they communicate their finds by means of an intricate and expressive aerial ballet, swooping and swinging midair, announcing new discoveries based upon, astonishingly, the location of the sun.
That search for pollen, for a sensed revelation, is both the catalyst and the incitation that propels my creative practice. Gathering, scrunching, creasing, cutting pieces of fabric and paper, quilting memories, records, visual poems—the core of my process seems to be a precarious balancing act between spontaneity and sagacity, whimsy and counterbalance. I’m not sure if this is engendered by a lifelong coexistence with restlessness or a curious predilection for indeterminacy.

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