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Ann Kozeliski

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I paint the people on the streets. Day laborers, street musicians, homeless and the average person who are unaware that they have inspired anything or anyone. My medium is Sumie’, Japanese ink painting on rice paper. I have embraced this ancient art form and through the depiction of contemporary subject matter made it my own.
The essence of Sumie’ is chi, the energy of the subject. I don’t photograph my subjects nor do I draw them on the paper before I start. With an image clearly captured in my mind’s eye, I create a portrait of a moment, not of a person. Negative space in my work is an integral part of the composition. The absence of background involves the viewers, who creates their own scenario, seeing something different every time.
My installation piece “Portraits in Passing” raises the question of how well we really see those around us.

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